Wireless motorized capsule endoscope for stomach visualization

Clinical trials underway - pending FDA clearance

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A "Moving Eyeball" in the Stomach

Your doctor uses PillBot™ to monitor your health and diagnose illness

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The Problem with Traditional Endoscopy

80% find no disease
Highly invasive
Risk from sedation
High cost between $1,500-$10,000
500g of environmental waste
Needs 5 doctor visits
Requires 3-4 medical professionals

If you have stomach pain, in traditional endoscopy, the doctor will insert a long tube with a camera at the end through your mouth and into your stomach. This can require sedation and may be uncomfortable, painful, risky, and time-consuming.

The Solution: PillBot™

This motorized capsule endoscope leverages the latest robotic technology

Quick & Easy

Thanks to PillBot™, you can now have a painless, non-invasive stomach examination

No Sedation, No Pain

You simply drink water and swallow PillBot™

Low Cost & Single-use Disposable

It passes through you and you flush it away

The Procedure


Skip Breakfast

Drink 2 glasses of water for procedure


Swallow PillBot


10-min Procedure


Instant Results
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